Friday, May 11, 2018

Busy Week at SCS!

 NAEYC Accreditation Visit Behind Us:  Every 5 years our school undergoes a year-long self-study and preparation that culminates in a visit by members of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Well, they surprised us in choosing two days this week, and although it was a bit stressful to be observed, rated, poked, and prodded, all went smoothly.  Previous re-accreditations have resulted in SCS being rated "Excellent" and this time should be no different.  High standards, excellent teachers, a great facility, and our dedication to every child is what truly sets our school apart.  Only 8% of childcare centers in the US are accredited by NAEYC - that's 92% who are not!

 Teachers Appreciated During the Week:  Clearly our ECE and PEAK teachers deserve every accolade they earn but wow, they were certainly shown the love this week during Teacher Appreciation Week!  Our Parents Committee provided wonderful gifts each day in the forms of lunches, breakfasts, and classroom supplies, and our administrators washed teacher's cars on Tuesday.  But the most amazing gift of all was the announcement of a "Spring Bonus" for the entire faculty from the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting Thursday night!  The teachers were incredibly thankful.  Thanks to EVERYONE who made this such a super week to show appreciation for all of those who dedicate their careers to helping children!

 Give With Liberty:  Each year a crew from Liberty Mutual Insurance arrives at the campus and puts in a hard day of dedicated work for our school, and they showed up this Friday along with the great weather.   The Give With Liberty program allows organizations such as ours to benefit from the efforts of employees who want to give back to their local communities.  This year spreading over 25 sq yds of wood chips on the back playground provided the crew of workers a full morning of giving!  Thanks to everyone who helped us out today!

 Ticks: Yes, it's that season again and as we are a school that loves to take kids outside where those little critters are awaitin' to hop a ride, we are taking healthy precautions at PEAK sites and the ECE Campus programs.  This year we are being extra careful as it is projected to be a busy season for the buggers.  Regular tick checks, bug spray, covering clothing, and carefully planned trips outside are our watchwords, but be sure to check your own kids regularly too! 

 Magnet Promotion Winner!:  Help them find us!  If you know the winner can you please direct them to us?  Don't worry it's cricket!  Here is this week's winner:  Plate  NH 413-4073  Contact us at 603-422-8223

LAST WEEK"S WINNER: Last week's prize has yet to be claimed so please help us find them!  If you are the owner of this Subaru with the plate NH 4233127 then please contact us at 603-422-8223 and claim your prize! (PS This picture was taken at Dondero School.)

Friday, May 4, 2018

Happenings Blog Now Available to Everybody at SCS!

 Important Notice to Current Parents/Guardians: Due to a minor snafu in our information systems at SCS we missed getting the SCS Happenings Blog out to ALL our current parents/guardians this year.  That situation is now fixed and if you are reading the Blog for the first time, welcome!!  You certainly have missed a lot over the last few weeks so please take the time to scroll down and visit the previous posts.  You may experience many "Aha" moments as you realize that we are indeed communicating regularly on events at SCS!

 SCS Spring Art Show "Imagine Nation" a Super Success!:  Each year the Art Show at SCS Community Campus is an opportunity for all our kids to show off their budding abilities, and for teachers to offer up masterpieces of artwork for acquisition by private collectors (i.e. you folks).  Well this year's "Imagine Nation" themed event was very well attended and a great opportunity for parents, kids, and family members to enjoy the displays and classrooms.  The galleries in the Main Meeting Room showcased works from every PEAK child, and the individual classrooms reflected works by ECE kids (even by infants!)  There are still silent auction items available so drop on by and buy!

 Summer PEAK Registration and Enrollment: Just a reminder that Summer PEAK Registration and Enrollment in our Kindergarten PEAK and Grades 1-5 PEAK is now open for all families (including your non-SCS friends).  So, look for the instructional email and claim your PEAK days NOW.  The new online system allows you to choose whatever days you want (as long as they are not already filled).  Remember, this year add/drop ends on May 15th and you will be billed for all chosen days on May 16th.  After that date, open days will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Contact Jess Couture at 603-422-8223 for more information.

 Magnet Promotion Winner!: Yes, our amazing spotters once again discovered a car with the SCS Magnet on it (this time in the parking lot of an unnamed Portsmouth elementary school!) and presto! A winner!  Are you the owner of this Subaru with the plate NH 4233127?  Then please contact us at 603-422-8223 and claim your prize!  So far we have given out four weeks of free child care and the winners have been ecstatic!