Tuesday, October 9, 2018

School Year Starts with Gusto!

Events Launch Community FeelOur 2018-19 school year is off to a wonderful start with full classes, new staff, and a sense of freshness in the air!  The Parents Picnic was a great success as dozens of families gathered to participate in the Pot Luck and reconnect at Community Campus.  Our Memorial Bridge 5K Road Race went off with a bang this past weekend and hundreds of runners joined the smooth route through Portsmouth under clear skies Lots more events are on the horizon so keep looking for ways you can be part of this great school community!

New Families, New ClassesAs I pointed out in my previous blogpost, Fall means the welcoming of new families to many parts of the school, but did you also know that it is a common time for matriculation to new classes too?  Many children in the Early Childhood levels have been testing out their new digs as they mature into being with older kids.  The good news is that they are often reunited with old friends who may have made the transition before them - and that makes the whole experience easier!  We are always careful to plan in lots of "adjustment" time for every child as they move up, and the teachers are very careful to help kids with the move.

SCS Admissions Reflects Increased Popularity Each year we start work on designing the budget in January, and the Board of Directors approves it at the Annual Meeting in June.  Constantly aware of producing and living by a balanced budget, we try to project our percentage of enrollment across the school using lots of tried and true metrics.  This year we basically projected that our classes would run at about 92% capacity across all ECE and PEAK programs, but in reality we are now running at 99% capacity!  Our popularity is not by chance, as we work incredibly hard to be the best school in the seacoast.  Spreading the good word about SCS to family and friends helps a great deal - so please keep up the good work!

Grandparents/Special Friends Days are on the Horizon:  Our annual events celebrating grandparents, special friends, and of course our children are happening soon!  On October 18th we will be welcoming folks to all PEAK after school programs at our Little Harbor, Dondero, New Franklin, and Greenland Sites.  On October 19th we will be opening up classrooms at our Community Campus site for ages Infant-5yr olds.  New this year our Community Pre-School at Little Harbour will be entertaining visitors also - this will happen from 9-12 on October 19th.  Click below to sign up Grandparents and/or Special Friends NOW:


$65,000 Annual Fund to Launch November 1st How do we do so much as a school and still keep our tuition costs reasonable for families?  Why, the Annual Fund of course!  Because we never charge what it takes to fund the full experience for each child at SCS, we use our Annual Appeal to make up that difference.  Last year we set a record of raising $50,000 from our community and this year we will be shooting for $65,000.  PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY when we solicit for the fund this year!  We need your help!