Monday, June 18, 2018

End of Year Brings Lots of Exciting Happenings!

 SCS Annual Meeting:  At the end of each academic year the Faculty gather to celebrate the year behind us - this time it took place in early May.  We celebrated longevity milestones for faculty who have been with us for 5, 10, 15 etc. years.  This year we celebrated the commitment of two of our staff (Alicia Tonelli and Beccy Daley) who have been with SCS for 15 and 5 years respectively.  We also said goodbye to three other faculty (Shawn, Charissa, and Elizabeth) who will be moving on this summer and missed greatly.  Later this month we will be awarding one faculty member with a C.A.R.E.S Award for outstanding practice of our "Cooperation" theme this year.

 K-Ready Backpacks for Preschoolers: Each year The United Way supplies every child who is getting ready to leave us and join the ranks of Kindergartners, with a quality "K-Ready Backpack" filled with many of the supplies they will need to succeed in their school ahead.  The 30+ children flowing out of our Clownfish, Stingrays, Sea Otters, and Spotted Turtles classes over the next few months have each received theirs.  With the End of Year celebrations happening in each of these classes, it is easy to see that the kids are ready to spread their wings and head off!  Although many will be here with us over the summer, we wish them all the best in the months ahead.
Stingrays Preparing for End of Year Ceremonies
 Magnet Promotion Ends - But not forever!:  With the last of our "Free Week of Childcare" awards distributed, we will be putting an end to our campaign - for now.  The magnet promotion was a huge success as many of you agreed to place the decorative icons on your cars.  Our public image skyrocketed due to all those vehicles proudly displaying connections to our school.  As we pass into the next fiscal year, we will be offering the contest again and give you all plenty of warning ... and don't worry, your magnets are still good for next time!
Children's Day in Portsmouth
 Strategic Planning Ahead: After the super-successful completion of our 2015-18 Strategic Plan which brought such big changes as the changing of our governance structure, the adoption of technology in all aspects of administration, the improvement of faculty compensation, benefits, and professional development, as well as many other advances, the Board of Directors will be launching off onto our next Plan in the months ahead.  Is this something you would be interested in getting involved with?  Please contact us at 603-422-8223 and volunteer.

 Program Changes for 2018-19: Adjustments to our program offerings happen every year in response to the needs of our families, our staffing available, and the market in which we exist as an independent school, (among many other factors).  Last year for example, the change in daily schedules in the Portsmouth public schools forced us to redesign our PEAK programs significantly.  This year we will be adjusting again to reflect needs and therefore asking all SCS Little Harbor and Dondero families to participate in the longer "PEAK Plus" program offered each afternoon.  (Please contact us immediately if you have concerns about affording this program - we are here to help!)  Another change is the move of our half-day Starfish Program to Little Harbor School due to construction at Dondero School.  The Portsmouth school system is being VERY accommodating including adding a special separate playground, bathrooms, and classroom facilities.

Magic Fred visits PEAK
 Annual Fund Nears Amazing $50,000 goal!: Crazy as it may seem we are incredibly close to reaching our "$50K for 50 Years" goal!  Less than $1000.00 to go!  PLEASE help us cross the finish line if you are still considering a gift by clicking the link below.  It has been a year of surprises and incredible generosity from every constituency at the school.  100% giving from the faculty was achieved just last week, and current parent giving has been significantly rising.  Also fascinating has been the giving from former parents, faculty, Board members, and friends when they set a record as a group this year.

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