Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Awards, Sunset, Magnets, and More!

 Lori Parsons: New Hampshire Early Childhood Educator of the Year!  Each year when the Early Learning New Hampshire organization searches for the unique educator who could possibly fill the bill as "Early Childhood Educator of the Year," they look for someone who is a master in their craft, has a long tenure of service in the field, is respected by parents and peers, and has touched and brightened the lives of hundreds of children.  Well, this year that person is none other than our own Lori Parsons of Minnows fame!  If you have ever experienced this woman teaching kids you know instantly why this was the right choice.  Organized, intelligent, understanding, and most importantly loving, she is the full package.  The attached photo is Lori with two former and one current Executive Directors (Deb Stokel, Jackie Cowell, and me), but there were easily 200 other people at this event, including the NH Commissioners of Education, Labor, and Health and Human Services.  Please take a moment to congratulate Lori on receiving this prestigious award and let her know how much we appreciate the wonderful work she has done over the years.  Congratulations Lori!

 Sunset 2018 Success:  Wow!  What an evening it was!  After months of planning by various Committees comprised of parents, board members, faculty, and admin staff, the event last Friday night was a real corker!  Over 120 people showed up at 3S Artspace, Portsmouth in some fairly nasty weather to enjoy the warmth of the SCS community, and celebrate a school that has done nothing but grow stronger over the last half century.  Supporting three programs (Scholarships, Professional Development for Teachers, and Enrichment for Kids,) the crowd raised over $17,000 through various measures.  From the stage, I can tell you this was a sight to see - people digging deep at every level to show their true support for a school they know is doing good work with their children, and great work for the Seacoast as a whole.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered, planned, participated, contributed, and enjoyed a great evening together.  Couldn't make it?  Be sure to join us next year at Sunset 2019!

 Car Magnet Promotion Launches:  Ladies and Gentlemen let the SCS Car Magnet showing begin!  For those of you who now have on the back of your Subaru, Ford Fiesta, Dodge Caravan, or Audi Q5 one of the coveted "Miracle Magnets of Mirth" your time has come and your chance to win a week of free ECE or PEAK is here!.  Below are the rules, and our first winner is posted below.  Remember, if sighted, your plate number will stay posted for multiple blogposts so check the blog!

Magnet Game Rules:
  • All cars with magnets are eligible to win.  If you do not own a car you can "adopt" one for your use and put the magnet on that - you will have to know the plate number to identify it in the blog.  Cars must be parked, but may be occupied!  Unlimited Magnets may be displayed on unlimited cars!  Just call 603-422-8223 to get more for $5 each.
  • Spotters (members of the SCS staff) will snap a picture of the car and plate and that will be posted in the Blog.  Spotters must not know who owns the car for it to be eligible.  If multiple pictures come in, we will randomly draw one winner.
  • The Blog is restricted to members of the SCS community.  If you got a magnet and do not want to participate please put your magnet on your refrigerator (we won't snap a picture of that!)
  • Current Parents will win one week of ECE or PEAK for one child - all others will win gift cards for local restaurants etc.
  • Families can only win once.  Winning parents with multiple children can choose one of the children's weeks.  The prize will show as a credit on your bill.
  • We will run the contest for six weeks.  We will potentially run it again in the future.
  • As the Overseer of the contest I will strive to remain impartial, make all decisions about winners, and my say will be final on all questions.  Good Luck!
Our First Winner:  NH 3208998     Whoever you are please call: 603-422-8223

 Reading is Fundamental Here is an interesting article about the many values of reading to children aloud - and continuing to read to them well into their middle school years.  It turns out that it is great for both them and you!  Btw, as I was reading this it dawned on me that I still love to have books read to me - I am an avid listener at and the melodious voice of a reader like Charlton Griffin is music to my ears.  In fact, I have spent hours and hours enjoying volumes of history (riding my lawn mower or commuting to work) in blissful thought just as my parents provided for me years ago.  What a life long treasure!

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