Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Special SCS Food Edition

 Car Magnet Promotion Winners:  Wow, the magnet promotion is really taking off and our first sighting have come across my desk.  The first winners were the Kovick family and little Sam will be having a free week of childcare in the Seahorse Room!  Here is our next sighting:  Plate # 3147271 NH.  Call 603-422-8223 to claim your week of free ECE or PEAK care!

 UNH Moms and Kids Reasearch Study is Seeking Volunteers: If you are a mom of kids ages 4-8 and would be interested in participating in a Research study with your children run by the UNH Department of Psychology under the guidance of Prof. Michelle Leichtman please step forward.  Participation involves a simple interview (15min) with you and your child, as well as two short questionnaires online.  Please contact Erin Kenney at to volunteer or call 603-862-3806 for more information.

 Your Roving Food Reporter Eats Kids Lunches for a Week:  Ever wonder what your kids are eating through the USDA approved lunch and snack program we run here at SCS?  Well, so did I, and I decided to eat kids lunches for a week.  Here are the early results and ratings:

Monday: Well, I started the week with what was touted as the "best lunch we offer" in the form of chicken burgers with lettuce & tomato slices, as well as potato salad and apples for desert.  I rated this meal an A- because it tasted good but the potato salad had no mayo (apparently they are trying a new recipe).  The fresh apple was a nice finish.  The kids seemed to love everything smothered in ketchup, and in the end I figure the whole thing was just a good excuse to eat ketchup anyway.

Tuesday: Sweet and sour chicken with Asian vegetables and noodles, strawberries, milk.  This was an impressive name for a dish that really looked more Italian than Asian.  I rated it a B- because the serving I got had very few veggies in it (although other kids got lots more of veggies), and it was basically just spaghetti noodles with a hint of something sweet in there.  The chicken I had was excellent - but other kids got less attractive slices.  Strawberries were good - especially when the kids showed me how to dunk them in the milk!

Wednesday: Beefy macaroni, tomato and cucumber salad, and melon slices.  I gotta admit, I liked this more than I thought I would.  The fresh veggies and melons were tasty and I went for seconds on the macaroni dish, of which there was plenty. (No, I did not have to fight off a four year old!)  Certainly the vinaigrette dressing helped a lot.  Rating B.

So far things have been pretty good - albeit fairly bland as the kids don't subscribe to much in the way of sauces and spices.  I'm thinking of sneaking my Sriracha bottle in tomorrow!

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